Gabriela Vasconcelos Abdalla

Vice-president of Orff-Schulwerk Association in Brazil, Dante Alighieri School (São Paulo/Brazil)

Gabriela Vasconcelos Abdalla

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Gabriela Vasconcelos Abdalla holds a degree in Art Education – Music from Santa Marcelina College and Post Graduate in the area of Technologies in Learning.

She specialized in Music and Movement in Education, as a scholarship holder in the courses: “Orff Certification Program”, in São Francisco/EUA, International Summer Course, in Salzburg/Austria, Madrid/Spain e Pecs/Hungary and in another international summer courses in Brazil.

She is a music educator and Vice President and founding member of the Orff Brazil Association – ABRAORFF, where she organizes and promotes courses and workshops for teachers. Together with the Anthropophagic Theater CIA she works as a vocal coach.

She currently develops consultancy in the area of music educational programs for UNESCO, responsible for the implementation of the Curricular Matrix of the Music Hub in Kindergarten Education, in São José dos Campos city, São Paulo/Brazil.

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