Valentina Iadeluca

Presidente del CDM Onlus - Formatore

Valentina Iadeluca (En)

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Singer of modern and jazz music and interpreter of music theater for children. Composer of songs and rhymes for children.

From 1997 to 2015 music teacher at CDM Centro Didattico Musicale, Rome.

Member of the board of CDM since 1997, President of CDM onlus Centro Didattico Musicale since 2015.

Graduated in ancient Latin and Greek literature, in 2000 she takes a Master in Cultural Management and Communication at LUISS Management University of Rome.

Over the years she has acquired a wide experience as a manager and organizer, projecting and coordinating complex educational services:

  • On behalf of the Commune of Rome, she is author and responsible for the project “Children in the Centre”, a system of educational services in music and play area.
  • She is coordinator of the activities of CDM Centro Didattico Musicale.
  • Since 2002 together with Andrea Sangiorgio she is deviser and organizing responsible for a one-year training course for music teachers in nursery and primary schools entitled: “Elemental Music and Dance Education according to the Orff-Schulwerk approach”. Since 2007 the Course is realized in collaboration with Rome University “Tor Vergata”.

She gives teacher training courses in Italy and abroad on the themes: early childhood music education, voice training for children, interdisciplinary projects in schools, planning of music activities.

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